Over the years Black Bridge Nurseries have supplied trees for a vast number of successful projects throughout New Zealand and abroad. These projects have included trees for intimate residential gardens through to supplying container loads of rare New Zealand natives to Disney Land Hong Kong and everything in between.

To be assured the of the trees you want, at the grade you want, in time for planting, we specialise in contract growing. Contact us to find out more!

Disneyland Hong Kong

Black Bridge Nurseries were contacted by Paul Comstock the then Director of landscape design for Walt Disney Imagineering as he scoured the globe for interesting and rare trees and plants for the new Hong Kong Disneyland. 3 sea containers were subsequently sent along with several Airfreight shipments. the Project was a huge success and the resulting landscape highly acclaimed.

Coatsville Mansion

Working closely with Architects Greg and Georgie Nobel, Black Bridge Nurseries were the primary supplier of the thousands of trees, palms, ferns, hedging and shrubs that grace New Zealand’s largest home and private garden.

Eden Park

Black Bridge Nurseries were the sole supplier to landscaper Natural Habitats, of the trees for the redevelopment of Eden park stadium for the 2011 Rugby world cup.

Gibbs Sculpture Park

Gibbs Farm sculpture park is home to a series of major site-specific artworks commissioned from some of the world’s most significant artists.

Sylvia Park

Black Bridge Nurseries were contracted by the owners ‘Kiwi income property group’ to grow all the (mainly very large 400/1000L) trees  for this project which is New Zealand’s largest shopping center.