Alnus Jorullensis – Evergreen or Mexican Alder

  • Description
A strong fast-growing tree with pale, papery grey bark, birch-like serrated foliage and graceful drooping branches. It can fix Nitrogen and tolerates poor soils. Allow scope if intended for long term plantings. Responds well to trimming to create an excellent shelter belt or screening tree. Tolerates damp wet soil.
Height x Width 7 x 3
Height Range Medium 5-10m
Growth Rate Fast
Plant Type Tree
Shape / Habit Round
Country of Origin Mexico, South America
Similar to Consider Betula types.
  • Leaf
Leaf Colour  Green
  • Flower
Flower Colour Insignificant
Soil Conditions
Tolerates Wet Yes
  • Uses
Good Shade Tree? Yes
Screening  Yes
Note: Growth, height and grade information are given in good faith but are subject to natural variables beyond our control.