Gleditsia Tricanthos Sunburst – Honey Locust

  • Description
Neatly rounded tree with a pretty branch pattern. Lacy double pinnate foliage lime-yellow in spring deepening to fresh green in summer bright yellow in autumn. Successive new growth through summer provides a contrast to the older leaves. Great lawn or specimen tree.
Height x Width 6 x 5
Range Medium 5-10m
Growth Rate Moderate
Plant Type Tree
Shape / Habit Umbrella
Country of Origin Central North America
Similar to Consider Robinia Freesia, Ginkgo, Acer Kellys Gold, Albizzia, Jacaranda
  • Leaf
Leaf Colour Green yellow
Deciduous Leaf Colour Bright yellow
  • Flower
Flower Insignificant
  • Uses
Specimen Yes
Good Shade Tree? Yes
Accent Yes
   Note: Growth, height and grade information are given in good faith but are subject to natural variables beyond our control.