• Description
An evergreen tree with crisp serrated leaves are a red colour when young but mature to dark green. Pink or white (depending on variety) fragrant flowers are produced from spring to summer followed by a round hard shelled in summer to autumn. These edible nuts that are a rich source of thiamine, vitamin B6, manganese, iron, magnesium and phosphorus. Harvest period, lasting from around March until June. Generally requires another type for cross-pollination.


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Height x Width 8 x 4
Height Range Medium 5-10m
Growth Rate Moderate
Plant Type Tree
Shape / Habit Round
Country of Origin Australia
Similar to Consider
  • Leaf
Leaf Colour Dark Green
  • Flower
Flower Colour Pink racemes
Fragrant? Yes
  • Uses
Specimen Yes
Good Shade Tree? Yes
Accent Yes
Bird Feeding Yes
Fruit Producing Yes


 Note: Growth, height and grade information are given in good faith but are subject to natural variables beyond our control.