Tristaniopsis laurina – Kanooka Water Gum

  • Description
A medium sized compact tree with dark glossy green leaves and small fragrant flowers in clusters during summer. Prefers moist well drained soils in full sun. Ideal for street planting lawn specimens and as a shade tree. Can be pruned to maintain a compact shape.
Height x Width 7 x 4
Height Range Medium 5-10m
Growth Rate Moderate
Plant Type Tree
Shape Round
Country of Origin Australia
Similar to Consider Myrsine Salicina, Callistemons,
  • Leaf
Leaf Colour Green
  • Flower
Flower Colour Yellow
Fragrant? Yes
  • Uses
Specimen Yes
Good Shade Tree? Yes
 Note: Growth, height and grade information are given in good faith but are subject to natural variables beyond our control.