Liriodendron Tulipifera – Tulip Tree

  • Description
Makes rapid growth. Large unusual lyre-shaped leaves cut square at the apex turn butter yellow in Autumn. Clean trunk and spreading branches. Fragrant tulip like flowers appear late spring greenish yellow with orange at base of petal.
Height x Width 10 x 6
Range Tall 10+
Growth Rate Fast
Plant Type Tree
Shape / Habit Pyramidical
Country of Origin North America
Similar to Consider Liriodendron Fastigiata, Platanus acerifolia, Liquidambars, Acer rubrums
  • Leaf
Leaf Colour Green
Deciduous Leaf Colour Yellow
  • Flower
Flower Colour Yellow
Fragrant? No
  • Uses
Specimen Yes
Good Shade Tree? Yes


 Note: Growth, height and grade information are given in good faith but are subject to natural variables beyond our control.